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File MD5 SHA1
Forevid 1.2.1 Installer 6c383be54b05673ca20b49815fb528ef 3b6e8499725528d9024d9166f5fb50a4cdcf4c9c
Forevid 1.2.1 Source code 10a0c69cdf845f56bd77bd32f21a76ac 266c0305bbf23779a1029f2c1a032464b8cf0c0e

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Change log

Latest change logs for Forevid

1.2.1 (28.11.2012)

features added
  • User interface: Added option for looping videos. The looping is done either for a selected part or whole video.
  • User interface: German translation added
  • User interface: Polish translation added
  • Filters: When adding filters, the preview video is seeked to the same position as the original video was.
  • Filters: Added filter for permanently looping video for a given amount of times.
  • Filters: Added filter for changing the playback speed of the video.
  • Other: Removed UPX compression from the binary files
bugs fixed
  • Installer: added missing dlls which prevented using image editor with fresh installations of version 1.2.0.
  • User interface: fixed bug which caused new bookmarks to point into the previous video if the video was changed using existing bookmarks.

1.2.0 (31.5.2012)

features added
  • Import: Added option for importing proprietary video formats using screen recording. If the video playback requires a proprietary player, the video can be recorded from the screen and then imported.
  • Import: ffmpeg source updated (2.17)
  • User interface: Added option which allows locating video file from the hard drive.
  • Combine videos: In order to facilitate joining of videos, videos are automatically scaled to same size and their frame rate is changed.
  • Export: New export option added for project summary document, which lists all videos included in the project, and the processing operations which were applied to them.